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 <br> Springer US, November 2013 </​p></​div></​html>​| <br> Springer US, November 2013 </​p></​div></​html>​|
-| {{:​torquatinamespace:​IJPP_SI_image.jpg?130x196 }} |  <​html>​ <​div>​M. Danelutto, S. Pelagatti, M. Torquati (Eds) +| {{:​torquatinamespace:​ijppsiimage.png?100|}} |  <​html>​ <​div>​M. Danelutto, S. Pelagatti, M. Torquati (Eds) 
-<p ALIGN="​left">​ High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications ​(HLPP 2015 Special Issue) ​+<p ALIGN="​left"> ​IJPP Special Issue on High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications ​
 <br> Volume 45, Issue 2 <br> Volume 45, Issue 2
 <br> Springer US, April 2017 </​p></​div></​html>​| <br> Springer US, April 2017 </​p></​div></​html>​|
 +| {{:​torquatinamespace:​ijppsiimage.png?​100|}} |  <​html>​ <​div>​M. Aldinucci, S. Cuomo, M. Torquati (Eds)
 +<p ALIGN="​left">​ IJPP Special Issue on Programming Models and Algorithms for data analysis in HPC systems  ​
 +<br> (To Appear)
 +<br> Springer US </​p></​div></​html>​|