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 ====== Frequently Asked Questions ====== ====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
 +Which platforms/​OSes/​compilers are supported?
 +  * Linux (i386, x86_64, Arm, PPC) with gcc supporting c++11 (>4.6). Other c++11-enabled compilers (e.g. Intel ICC) typically works. ​    
 +  * MacOS X (> 10.4, i386-x86_64,​ PPC) with a c++ supporting c++11 (e.g. clang5.1, gcc).  ​
 +  * Usage of GPUs (NVidia, AMD) requires either CUDA or OpenCL.
 +  * Microsoft Windows (Windows 7 64 bit, x86_64) with Visual Studio Express 2013. Other Windows and Visual Studio compiler might works (minor fixes might be required). Window code is not fully optimised for performance.
 +  * Other platforms/​OSes/​compilers might work but are not extensively tested (e.g. iOS). FastFlow core is a header-only library and it is likely to work on any platform with a good c++ compiler. c++11 is required to use all FastFlow features. Core patterns does not requires c++11. Main development platform is Linux/​x86_64/​gcc.
 +  * Dependencies from third-party libraries: Shared-memory:​ pthreads OR native threads for Window; Distributed:​ zeromq/TCP and/or IB/OFED, GPU: CUDA or OpenCL.
 +<note important>​Work in progress</​note>​
 ===== Programming effort ===== ===== Programming effort =====
 ==== FastFlow vs OpenMP and Intel TBB (and CnC) ==== ==== FastFlow vs OpenMP and Intel TBB (and CnC) ====
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 === FastFlow vs Intel CnC === === FastFlow vs Intel CnC ===
 To appear, we are working on it. To appear, we are working on it.
-===== Supported platforms and OSes ===== +
-Linux (i386, x86_64) and MacOS X (> 10.4, i386-x86_64,​ PPC) are directly supported. The support for Windows (32 and 64 bit) is available as beta in FastFlow 1.0.9 at revision 31 of Souceforge svn; it will be released with FastFlow 1.1. cc-NUMA platforms are supported (although optimization of the runtime for these platform is currently ongoing).+
 ===== Accelerators and offloading ===== ===== Accelerators and offloading =====
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