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-<div id="​widgetIframe"​><iframe width="​100%"​ height="​350"​ src="​http://​​storage/​refman/​doc/​html/​index.html" ​scrolling="yes" frameborder="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ marginwidth="​0"></​iframe></div>+{{description>Fastflow Reference Manual and class documentation}} 
 +===== Fastflow Reference Manual ===== 
 +FastFlow is a research product and it is subject to a continuos evolution. Reference manual is therefore naturally partial. Many experimental features, algorithms and features, which are in the codebase, are not documented or documented for internal use only. In particular:​ 
 +  - Core patterns and building blocks tiers are documented only for features concerning application development.  
 +  - Developing new patterns or features might requires to use not documented API. Almost all the features (documented or not) are exemplified in the tests and benchmarks within the ''​tests''​ folder of the code. The latest version is always the latest commit in the [[https://​​fastflow/​fastflow|GitHub]]. 
 +  - Currently, shared-memory API is documented, whereas GPGPUs and distributed features are only partially or not documented (since they are currently evolving at a faster pace). 
 +Please report any comment or inconsistency to the mantainers. 
 +<html> <a href="​http://​​storage/​refman/​doc/​html/​index.html" ​target="_blank">Reference manual (14 Aug 2014)</a(link opens in a new window)</html>
 [[ffnamespace:​privacy"​|Privacy policy]] [[ffnamespace:​privacy"​|Privacy policy]]
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