Ongoing projects


A Computing Toolkit for Building Efficient Autonomous Applications Leveraging Humanistic Intelligence

TEACHING is an EU-funded project that designs a computing platform and the associated software toolkit supporting the development and deployment of autonomous, adaptive and dependable CPSoS applications, allowing them to exploit a sustainable human feedback to drive, optimize and personalize the provisioning of their services.

TEACHING is a H2020 project, started on January, 1st, 2020. Website:

Past projects

RePhrase (EU H2020)

Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications – a Software Engineering Approach

The focus of the RePhrase project is on producing new software engineering tools, techniques and methodologies for developing data-intensive applications in C++, targeting heterogeneous multicore/manycore systems that combine CPUs and GPUs into a coherent parallel platform.

RePhrase is a H2020 project, started on April, 1st, 2015. Website:


Reengineering and Enabling Performance and poweR of Applications

The REPARA project aims to help the transformation and deployment of new and legacy applications in parallel heterogeneous computing architectures while maintaining a balance between application performance, energy efficiency and source code maintainability.

REPARA is a EU STREP FP7 project, started on September, 1st 2013. Website:

ParaPhrase (EU FP7)

Parallel Patterns for Adaptive Heterogeneous Multicore Systems

The ParaPhrase project aims to produce a new structured design and implementation process for heterogeneous parallel architectures, where developers exploit a variety of parallel patterns to develop component based applications that can be mapped to the available hardware resources, and which may then be dynamically re-mapped to meet application needs and hardware availability.

ParaPhrase was a EU STREP FP7 project, started on 2011 and lasted 42 months. Website:

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