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mdnewProf. Marco Danelutto
Dept. of Computer ScienceUniversity of Pisa
Room 364, Building B, Second floor
Phone: +39.050.2212742
Fax: +39.050.2212726

My research interests include: methodologies and tools for parallel and distributed computing,  structured parallel programming models (algorithmic skeletons, parallel design patterns), (macro) data flow, autonomic management of non functional properties in structured parallel computing, component models for parallel and distributed programming, frameworks for parallel and distributed computing (currently involved in the design and development of FastFlow and Ocaml parmap, in the past involved in the design of the GCM component model (Behavioural skeletons), Muskel and P3L).

I’m author/coauthor of a number of papers on internationational journals and(peer reviewed) conference proceedings: updated list, dblp, google scolar, arnetminer

I partecipated and I currently participate as research unit leader and workpackage leader in several international EU funded projects, including: FP6 CoreGRID (leading the WP3 Programming model institute) and GridCOMP (leading the Non functional components features workpackage), FP7 ParaPhrase (leading the WP2 Parallel patterns) and REPARA (leading WP6 Runtimes for parallel heterogeneous architectures), and H2020 RePhrase (leading the WP2 Pattern-BasedParallel Software Engineering).

I’ve been and I’m teaching different courses in Graduation and Master degrees in Computer Science and Compute Science and Networking. Currently I teach the graduation course “Computer Architecture” and the master degree course “Distributed systems: paradigms and models“.

I’m currently (2013-now) the responsible of the Master in Computer Science and Networking (joint degree with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna).

I’m vice director of the Dept. of Computer Science (2016-now).


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