5 Papers Accepted at Journals/Conferences

The following papers have been recently accepted at journals/conferences:

– “Bringing Parallel Patterns out of the Corner: the P3ARSEC Benchmark Suite
Daniele De Sensi, Tiziano De Matteis, Massimo Torquati, Gabriele Mencagli, Marco Danelutto
   ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)

“Mammut: High-level management of system knobs and sensors”
Daniele De Sensi, Massimo Torquati, Marco Danelutto

– “Nornir: A Customisable Framework\\for Autonomic and Power-Aware Applications
Daniele De Sensi, Tiziano De Matteis, Marco Danelutto
   AutoDaSP Workshop (Euro-Par 2017)

– “State-Aware Concurrency Throttling
Daniele De Sensi, Peter Kilpatrick, Massimo Torquati
   Parallel Computing Conference (ParCo 2017)

– “Towards Power-Aware Data Pipelining on Multicores
Marco Aldinucci, Marco Danelutto, Daniele De Sensi, Gabriele Mencagli, Massimo Torquati
   10th International Symposium on High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications (HLPP 2017)


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