FastFlow  SVN-r182-Aug-14-2014
A high-level, lock-less, parallel programming (shared-memory) and distributed programming (distributed-memory) framework for multi-cores and many-cores systems
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NffThe principal namespace for the FastFlow library
 CBarrierBlocking barrier - Used only to start all nodes synchronously
 Cff_allocatorThe ff_allocator, based on the idea of the Slab allocator
 Cff_dinoutA ff::ff_dnode serving both Input and Output to the network
 Cff_dnodeDefines ff::ff_dnode
 Cff_farmThe Farm skeleton, with Emitter (lb_t) and Collector (gt_t)
 Cff_gathererA class representing the Collector node in a Farm skeleton
 Cff_loadbalancerA class representing the Emitter node in a typical Farm skeleton
 Cff_mdfMacro Data Flow executor
 Cff_minodeMultiple input ff_node (the MPSC mediator)
 Cff_monodeMultiple output ff_node (the SPMC mediator)
 Cff_nodeThe FastFlow abstract contanier for a parallel activity (actor)
 Cff_oclNodeOpenCL implementation of FastFlow node
 Cff_ofarmThe ordered Farm skeleton
 Cff_pipePipeline pattern (high-level pattern syntax)
 Cff_pipelineThe Pipeline skeleton (low-level syntax)
 Cff_threadThread container for (leaves) ff_node
 CFFAllocatorA user-space parallel allocator (process-wide)
 CLamport_BufferImplementation of the well-known Lamport's wait-free circular buffer. Not currently used
 CMPMC_Ptr_QueueAn implementation of the bounded Multi-Producer/Multi-Consumer queue. Not currently used
 CMSqueueMichael and Scott MPMC. Not currently used
 Cofarm_gtOrdered farm Collector
 Cofarm_lbOrdered farm emitter
 CParallelForParallel for loop. Run automatically
 CParallelForPipeReduceParallelForPipeReduce class
 CParallelForReduceParallel for and reduce. Run automatically
 CpoolEvolutionThe pool evolution parallel pattern
 CspinBarrierNonblocking barrier - Used only to start all nodes synchronously
 CsqueueUnbound sequential FIFO queue
 CsvectorSimple yet efficient dynamic vector
 CSWSR_Ptr_BufferSPSC bound channel (Single-Writer/Single-Reader)
 CthreadMapperThe thread mapper allows to map threads to specific core using a predefined mapping policy
 CuSWSR_Ptr_BufferUnbounded Single-Writer/Single-Reader buffer (FastFlow unbound channel)
 CMapMap pattern