FastFlow  SVN-r182-Aug-14-2014
A high-level, lock-less, parallel programming (shared-memory) and distributed programming (distributed-memory) framework for multi-cores and many-cores systems
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 allocator.hppImplementations of the FastFlow's lock-free allocator
 buffer.hppThis file contains the definition of the bounded SPSC channel buffer used in FastFlow
 dnode.hppContains the definition of the ff_dnode class, which is an extension of the base class ff_node, with features oriented to distributed systems
 dynlinkedlist.hppDynamic linked list Single-Writer Single-Reader unbounded queue. Not currently used
 dynqueue.hppImplementation of a dynamic queue. Not currently used
 farm.hppFarm pattern
 ff_queue.hppExperimental. Not currently used
 gsearch.hppThis file implements the graph search skeleton
 gt.hppFarm Collector (it is not a ff_node)
 inter.hppCommunication patten interface (distributed)
 lb.hppFarm Emitter (not a ff_node)
 map.hppMap pattern
 mapper.hppThis file contains the thread mapper definition used in FastFlow
 mapping_utils.hppThis file contains utilities for thread pinning to cores and thread mapping
 mdf.hppThis file implements the macro dataflow pattern
 MPMCqueues.hppThis file contains several MPMC queue implementations. Not currently used
 node.hppFastFlow ff_node
 oclnode.hppFastFlow OpenCL interface node
 parallel_for.hppThis file describes the parallel_for/parallel_reduce skeletons
 parfor_basic.cppSome basic usage examples of the parfor pattern
 parforreduce_basic.cppSome basic usage examples of the parforreduce pattern
 perf_test_alloc1.cppff::ff_allocator usage example
 perf_test_alloc2.cppff::ff_allocator and ff::FFAllocator usage example
 pipe_basic.cppSome basic usage examples of the pipeline (and farm) pattern
 pipeline.hppThis file implements the pipeline skeleton, both in the high-level pattern syntax (ff::ff_pipe) and low-level syntax (ff::ff_pipeline)
 poolEvolution.hppThe PoolEvolution pattern models the evolution of a given population
 spin-lock.hppThis file contains several alternative spin lock(s) implementations that can be used as FastFlow spin-lock
 squeue.hppSimple yet efficient (not concurrent) unbounded FIFO queue
 staticlinkedlist.hppStatic Linked List. Not currently used
 svector.hppSimple yet efficient dynamic vector
 ubuffer.hppThis file contains the definition of the unbounded SWSR circular buffer used in FastFlow
 utils.hppUtility functions