FastFlow  SVN-r182-Aug-14-2014
A high-level, lock-less, parallel programming (shared-memory) and distributed programming (distributed-memory) framework for multi-cores and many-cores systems
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gt.hpp File Reference

Farm Collector (it is not a ff_node) More...

#include <iostream>
#include <deque>
#include <ff/svector.hpp>
#include <ff/utils.hpp>
#include <ff/node.hpp>
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class  ff::ff_gatherer
 A class representing the Collector node in a Farm skeleton. More...


 The principal namespace for the FastFlow library.

Detailed Description

Farm Collector (it is not a ff_node)

It Contains the ff_gatherer class and methods which are used to model the Collector node, which is optionally used to gather tasks coming from workers.

Documentation to be rewritten. To be substituted with ff_minode?